Integrate Blueleaf With BillFin

Blueleaf is a relationship management platform for the financial services industry that allows its users to simplify wealth management workflows. With Blueleaf, users can track and understand client assets all in one central dashboard. Blueleaf allows users to create branded portals and dashboards to provide at-a-glance reports on balances, performance, allocation, detailed holdings information, and weekly push updates.

Blueleaf brings together reporting, communication, and automation technologies, creating one of the most powerful, easy-to-use financial relationship management platforms on the market today.

Now, advisors can easily integrate the reporting and communication tools they love in Blueleaf with the powerful billing and invoicing features of BillFin. Best of all, integrating Blueleaf and BillFin is fast and easy.

How To Connect BillFin & BlueLeaf

Connecting BillFin and Blueleaf is a fairly painless process. If you have not already created an account with Blueleaf, that is the first step you should take.  Once your account is set up and your clients are onboarded, the Blueleaf integrations team will then be able to create a connection directly with BillFin.

Once connected, advisors will be able to make use of an automated process for pushing advisor invoices right into their branded client portals. BillFin also offers a single sign-on (SSO) option for Blueleaf users that allows them to seamlessly access BillFin right from within the Blueleaf advisor dashboard. This enhances the overall experience for advisors who use the Blueleaf and BillFin solutions by bringing all of the most powerful features of both platforms into one single integrated application.

Best of all, Blueleaf customers can push any BillFin invoice into the Blueleaf client portal for easy client viewing with the click of a button. This cuts down on the unnecessary amount of time spent on managing accounts due to a need for manual transfers and overall disjointed workflows.

Want To Learn More About Our Blueleaf Integration?

Interested in learning more about how BillFin’s powerful billing and invoicing software for advisors can integrate with Blueleaf? Our customer success team is happy to hop on a call to give you a guided tour of BillFin and show you some of the benefits of our Blueleaf integration.  Click the button below to schedule your demo today.