Frequently Asked Questions About BillFin

Wondering if BillFin™ is a good fit for your firm?

We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 most commonly asked questions to help you choose your next billing solution.

  1. Does BillFin™ handle monthly and/or quarterly billing cycles? Yes!
  2. Can I bill forward and/or arrears? Yes!
  3. Can I exclude assets from my billing? Yes!
  4. Do you send invoices to my clients? We do not currently send the invoices for you but we do create individual PDFs for you to distribute however you choose.
  5. Can I split my fee to pay my advisors and reps? Yes! This is our AdvisorPay feature. Read more about this on our other article here.
  6. What custodians are you integrated with? You can see the entire list on our BillFin page under the “partner integrations” section.
  7. What if my custodian isn’t on your list? You can upload any client or market values you’d like into BillFin. We have an agnostic system so you are not limited to our integration list only.
  8. What if I have questions getting started? Support is included in your cost! Once in a trial or a customer, you can call or email support with questions. We also have a support center portal for you to find answers to commonly asked questions.
  9. I just need a system that pays retainer fees or non-aum accounts. Can BillFin do this? BillFin is designed for AUM billing. While we can handle this for your firm, we do not have a way to actually pay the fees via credit card; however, you can certainly test the system to see if it would work for you.
  10. How much does BillFin cost? Our pricing is listed near the bottom of our BillFin page. Pricing is based on your AUM and number of clients billing.


Ready to take BillFin for a test drive? Start with our one-week free trial or with a 30-minute demo by visiting our BillFin page.