Why Redi2

Redi2 Technologies offers a comprehensive, flexible, and easy-to-use revenue management platform to the global financial services industry. Since its founding in 2002, our vision has been to recruit, hire, and retain the best professionals, and inspire them to deliver extraordinary software and implementation services to our clients.

We've built a reputation as a vibrant, experienced, industry-involved, and innovative software and technology company. Our clients will agree that one of Redi2's most important differentiators is our stellar client service and partnership approach.

We’ve built and maintained this reputation by creating and promoting a team-based company culture, and treating our employees and clients as our most important asset.

Redi2 Technologies is defined by a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.. We recognize that, these days, the half-life of technology is short. Consequently, we constantly seek ways to improve our products and services -for our clients and their user base. We strive to challenge conventional wisdom and pioneer next-generation solutions for the industry. Years of experience and expertise have taught us that the industry needs more best practices and standardization in fee billing. Fee billing and revenue management operations, often underestimated and underappreciated, are vitally important to the financial services industry. At Redi2, we understand this paradox and spend significant time, energy, and resources making sure the operations of globally-trusted financial services companies can accurately and efficiently calculate, manage, and secure the lifeblood of any successful company: Revenue.