Wealth Managers

Thanks to the pioneers of the managed accounts industry, professional investment management has become more accessible to the mainstream investor. During the past few decades, increased adoption of fee-based business models by wealth management firms has spawned numerous retail advisory products and services. Given this market evolution - coupled with increased complexity - brokerage and wealth management firms are seeking ways to scale operationally while maintaining the highest possible fiduciary standards and personalized client care.

At Redi2, we believe a prerequisite to achieving operational scale is using technology to automate client information and communications.

Leveraging technology to automate client reporting, fee billing, and invoicing is especially important because these functions are not just complex and resource-intensive, they are also client-facing

Redi2 Technologies offers flexible and functionally advanced fee billing and revenue management solutions to broker-dealers (full service, independent, and bank-affiliated), registered investment advisors (RIAs), and independent financial advisors (IFAs) with fee-based books of business.

Beyond Billing:

There is a wealth of information embedded in your revenue management infrastructure. Can you use it today to easily: Manage your business and product portfolios? Design new investment solutions for your clients? Audit your investment solution partners? Track revenue directed to your investment solution partners and negotiate more favorable rates?

Our clients can, in addition to scaling and controlling their billing capabilities.