Service/Platform Providers

Financial services firms are increasingly outsourcing some or all of their operational functions and infrastructure to third-party service/platform providers. Investment managers, broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, and independent investment advisors are all outsourcing key functions so that they can focus more on the core aspects of their business.

While these firms liberate themselves of operational overhead
and responsibility, the service/platform providers they hire carry
the burden for them.

Not surprisingly, this transfer of liability creates scalability challenges for the third-party outsourcer, particularly as the number and types of firm clients grow.

At Redi2, we believe a prerequisite to achieving operational scale is using technology to automate client information and communications. Leveraging technology to automate client reporting, fee billing, and invoicing is especially important because these functions, regardless of who performs them, are not just complex and resource-intensive, they are also client-facing.

Redi2 Technologies offers a flexible and functionally advanced fee billing and revenue management platform to third-party outsourcers (TPOs), business process outsourcers (BPOs), third-party administrators (TPAs), service/platform providers, and turnkey asset management programs (TAMPs).