If buying software the traditional way – where your firm installs, maintains, updates, and supports vendor software – is not your core focus, we invite you to learn more about Redi2 Software as a Service (SaaS).

If the many benefits of hosted fee billing software is in your future,
then Redi2 SaaS may be the right fit for you.

At Redi2, we pioneered the SaaS delivery model for global financial services revenue management. As a market leader in vendor-hosted fee billing, we have helped firms of all sizes realize significant reductions in fee billing system costs. There are many benefits to having Redi2 host your revenue management solution:

Sharpened Focus

Your firm is in business to deliver investment advice, services, and/or management. Redi2 SaaS lets you focus on your business, not administering software or hardware.

Quick and easy access

Your team is most successful when technology aids and accelerates its daily responsibilities. With Redi2 SaaS, your firm needs only a broadband internet connection for your team to be productive.

Lower Costs

When you liberate your firm from procuring, maintaining, and supporting software and the hardware on which it is hosted, you:

  • Eliminate all hardware acquisition and setup costs,
  • Dramatically reduce the costs of maintaining the hardware and software,
  • Decrease costs associated with dependencies on over-taxed internal IT resources

Get Personalized IT support

With Redi2 SaaS, our experienced Product Support team becomes an extension of your finance/billing operations team. Our help desk professionals not only help you with billing related topics, they also serve as your personalized IT team for technical matters.

Painless Upgrades

When Redi2 hosts your fee billing software, you no longer bear responsibility for costly and time-consuming billing system maintenance. Redi2 SaaS makes upgrading your Redi2 software our responsibility, not yours.

Secure and seamliess integration

Redi2 SaaS offers tried-and-proven interfaces that let our products securely exchange vital information with your other software applications, such as customer relationship management (CRM),accounting and general ledger (GL) platforms.

Redi2 has been a trailblazer in vendor-hosted fee billing because we believe that the SaaS delivery model is the future of software.