Redi2 Revenue Managerâ„¢

Product Overview

Redi2 Revenue Managerâ„¢ is an industry-leading fee billing and revenue management solution for global financial services firms. Revenue Manager is uniquely designed to handle the varied and complex billing automation needs of investment managers, broker-dealers, RIAs, mutual funds and service/platform providers.

With Revenue Manager, billing operations personnel can confidently tackle billing problems that range from the most basic and benign, to the most costly and complex. Functionally rich and flexible, Revenue Manager provides users with an intuitive and state-of-the-art user interface. Redi2 has a reputation in the industry for being forward-thinking, and our core product reflects this culture.

Straight-Through Processing

Revenue Manager features intelligent workflow and exception management functionality. By virtue of these capabilities, your administrators can create and manage business rules that identify potential setup issues and billing anomalies within your billing data. You simultaneously improve the efficiency and the accuracy of your billing by enabling your users to focus more on the exceptions.

Advanced Aggregation

Within today's billing operations, asset aggregation and the resulting fee discounting has become the norm. Offering pricing that incents, and is aligned with asset diversification and growth is a top priority for firms in the business of managing, advising, or administering client assets. Revenue Manager supports a wide variety of asset aggregation methodologies (e.g., householding, book-of-business), empowering client services teams to implement the most innovative and competitive pricing models for your firm.

Complex Tax Rules

You may do business in a country and/or province where your firm is responsible for calculating and collecting tax monies associated with asset management services. Revenue Manager lets your administrators easily build custom tax eligibility and calculation rules for each tax authority requiring your firm to calculate and levy taxes. Revenue Manager also calculates, invoices, and distributes tax monies based on your custom rules.

Performance Fees

Performance-based fees are becoming more common with many asset management firms. Investors are increasingly demanding that portfolio performance become a key driver to determining the fees they pay. Revenue Manager supports replacing and/or supplementing your asset-based management and advisory fees with performance-based fees. The determination of performance-based fees are generally based on a comparison of client portfolio performance with an established benchmark.


Client communications are an intrinsic part of billing, and for that reason Redi2 offers powerful technology and functionality that can produce professional-looking and easy-to-read invoices and fee statements. With invoice formatting at the fingertips of your business users, Redi2 empowers billing professionals to create and maintain customized templates for billing invoices and statements.


Revenue Manager is designed from the ground up to capture, monitor, and report changes that users make to key billing data, such as account information, valuations, and fee schedules. Capturing and storing these changes help your firm satisfy auditors' requirements and provides better transparency into the billing process.