Redi2 BIPS™

Product Overview

Analyzing and making sense of your fee billing data is critically-important to managing and growing a financial services business. Your firm needs robust data mining, reporting and analytical capabilities to improve strategic decision making. With Redi2 BIPS™, your users can instantly access and evaluate billing data to gain a deeper understanding of fees and related billing data. Your users can also create reports in business-friendly formats such as Microsoft Excel and Adobe PDF to document and communicate insight to stakeholders about the financial health of your business.

Revenue Analysis

Redi2 BIPS features sophisticated, real-time revenue analysis capabilities. It lets your business users intuitively slice-and-dice billing data instantly. For example, your users can quickly go from answering one key business question to another in a few, easy button clicks. With Redi2 BIPS, users can also quickly spot trends and patterns in billing data, arming your firm with powerful and competitive business intelligence.


Sometimes the best way to communicate the health of a business is the old-fashioned way – generating a report and sharing it with others. Redi2 BIPS offers standard pre-defined reports as well as the ability for business users to create their own ad-hoc reports. At the end of the day, extracting your firm's billing data into a meaningful structure and presenting it in a business-friendly format such as Excel or PDF enables your firm to better understand your billing operations and related profitability trends.